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36 Compost. Select a spot near the stable where rains cannot affect it, and as fast as the manure accumulates at the stable, lay it down between stakes driven firmly in the ground so as to enable the laborer to form the compost heap of regular dimensions, about 8 feet wide & 5 feet high. Lay the long manure about 12 or 18 inches thick evenly and regularly. Then place upon this layer of manure leaves, undecayed weeds, and rich earth, taken from such spots as cannot be cultivated (ie) from corners of fences, hedge rows, ditch banks &c. Upon this layer of earth, which should be about a foot thick, scatter slacked, but caustic lime, one or two inches thick; this makes the earth highly calcareous. Upon this earth, comes again a layer of manure & so alternating, untill you get the bank so high as to make it inconvenient to go higher taking care to keep the top always flat, and the sides as regular as possible. In lieu of earth, decayed weeds, ashes, the sweepings of kitchens &c may be used - By attending to this regularly for a time it will be easy to accumulate large quantities of compost far superior for all purposes to any manure except hog and sheep dung