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41 There is nothing of the kind that will compare with it. About one pint of this mixture will cover a yard square upon the outside of a house if properly applied. If a larger quantity than 5 gallons is wanted the same proportions must be observed in preparing. Coloring matter may be added to give it any required shade -

Lemon Syrup. Take 1 u [ equal 1 qt, see image 53] Havana sugar, boil it in water down to a quart, drop in the white of an egg, to clarify it, strain it, add 1/4 oz of tartaric acid, or citric acid; if you do not find it sour enough, after it has stood two or three days + shaken freely, add more of the acid. A few drops of the oil of lemon improves it NB If you wish to clarify sugar & water, you are about to boil, it is well to stir in the white of one egg, while cold; if put in after it boils, the egg is apt to get hardened before it can do good.

Court Plaster is made of thin silk first dipped in dissolved Isinglass & dried, then dipped several times in the white of egg and dried

Raw Cotton & Oil are the best things for a burn.