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The Commonwealth of Virginia: County of Accomack to wit. Be it remembered that Geo. P. Scarburgh, who for said Commonwealth prosecutes in this behalf, in his proper person, comes into the County Court, holden in and for the County aforesaid, on the thirty first day of May, eighteen hundred and thirty two and for the said Commonwealth, gives the said Court here to understand and be informed, That Daniel Hornesby a Free Negro, emancipated since the first day of May, eighteen hundred and six, hath remained within the Commonwealth aforesaid, to wit, in the County aforesaid, and within the jurisdiction of the said County Court and Chancery, more than twelve months after his right to freedom accrued, and more than twelve months after he attained the age of twenty-one years, to wit, from the first day of January eighteen hundred and twenty nine to the first day of November eighteen hundred and thirty one the said Daniel Hornsby not having obtained permission to remain within the Commonwealth aforesaid: to the evil example of all others in like cases offending, and against the form of the Act of the General Assembly of Virginia in such cases made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth. Geo. P. Scarburgh, Attorney prosecuting for the Commonwealth.