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Mt Carnael Sabbath afternoon Dec Dear, dear ,Husband, Thursday night I received your letter written last Sabbath, & was very glad to hear that you was better, & that you [illegible] got fixed comparatively comfortable, & only the sixth day Mr [illegible] called & left your watch, & said that you were off for the seat of war. It came upon me so suddenly; the news of your long tedious march, & the watch right from your hands, &c; that I was too much overcome to say much to him. he said you was well & hearty, for which I feel as if I could'nt [sic] be sufficiently thankfull [sic]. Last night I received your line, written on the eve of your departure, in the evening Maria Cook came down to bring me the word that you sent by Cook, so you see your message's all reached me, but how I long to hear from you now, if I could only know that you was safe & well to day, what a relief it would be to me. You can scarcely know how anxious I am about you, they all tell me that you will not get there in time to take part in the battle, but I dont credit all I hear. the latest news we have is that the great battle was'nt [sic] begun; if so I am sure you will be there,(if that is your destination) so that they can put you in battle if they choose. You say that "you are as much in the hands of God there, as at home", I know that my dear Husband, & I try to leave it all, in his hands, & feel that he doeth all things well, that if in his providence he sees fit to send upon me the heaviest blow he could deal (by taking you,) it would be hard, very hard for this poor stricken heart to submit, but I must hope he has better things in store for me than to be left thus alone, & desolate; or I fear my heart would break. You are in allmost [sic] every sense, all I have, God in mercy spare you. If this should ever reach you, I suppose it wont untill [sic] this impending battle is decided, but I do hope if you are called into action you will be thoughtfull [sic] & prayerfull [sic] & take all necessary precautions that you can, & I hope you wont wear that conspicuous red sash. I have much I