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The Commonwealth of Virginia, To the Sheriff of Accomack County Greeting, we command you as we have oftentimes commanded you that you do not omit for any liberty in your bailiwick, but that you take Hannah Wise, a free negro, emancipated since the 1st day of May 1806, late of the Parish of St: George and County of Accomack, if she be found within the same and her safely keep, so that you have her body before the Justices of our County Court for the said County, on the 1st day of May Term next, to answer us of a certain misdemeanor whereof she stands charged viz: with remaining in this Commonwealth more than twelve months after her right to freedom accrued. And have then there this writ. Witness Jno. W. Gillet, Clerk of our said Court, at his Office, this the 15th day of April A.D. 1850, and in the 74th year of the Commonwealth. J. W. Gillet C.A.C.