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Shirley February 22d 1833 My dear Mary As I am too unwell to teach the boys having just got easy from the most severe nervous headache that I ever had, I will spend this morning in writing to you and must begin by asking you, how it is that you can think I have so much time for reading and doing all that is pleasant, when you have so little? - I have more housekeeping to do than almost any body I know, a great deal of plain work, besides all of the coarse plantation work to attend to; three boys to teach, a husband to do little jobs for; and last though not least a sweet baby, (though perhaps not so sweet as yours) to kiss and nurse - all this I can place against your one whole child and husband, now pray miss how is it that I ought to have so much more time than you? I have however found time to read the life of Neff and like it much, and though I have been talking so much about what I have to do, yet when I read one of these good books, such as Oberlin and Neff I feel that I literally do nothing at all when compared with those good men. Yes indeed my dear Mary we might both of us do much more than we do if we were