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27 The object of these schools is to develop character and to fit the boys and girls for the life they should lead as good and useful men and women. We believe, and act on the belief, that the life of a community is given a higher, or lower, moral tone in proportion to the standard of community life which is imbibed by the children in school. Respectfully, John C. Ashton Supt. Public Schools.

Report of City Surveyor Office of City Surveyor, Portsmouth, Va., July 19th, 1897.

Hon. J. Thompson Baird, Mayor: Portsmouth, Va.

Dear Sir: I have the honor to submit the following report of the transactions of my office, for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1897. During the year ninety-five (95) building lots in all parts of the city have been surveyed for the purpose of erecting new buildings, etc. The greater part of the Fifth Ward of city has been surveyed, and a topographical map and profiles of that section made for the purpose of grading and otherwise improving its streets. During the year three cast-iron chamber have been built in the streets, in three different sections of the city, in which have been placed three separate pairs "Shone" Ejectors; and all necessary machinery for the successful working of the entire sewage system has been erected and placed in Sewerage Power House, on Race Avenue, near Green Street, in city. Since August 28th, 1896, when the first house was connected with the public sewage system, two hundred and sixty-four (264) separate connections have been made throughout the entire city. Respectfully submitted, Bascom Sykes, City Surveyor.