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The deposition of Henry Wriothesley of ye [Cort?] of Annapolis Happening in Company with Colls: John Coode & Some others among [illegible] discourse a dispute arose between ye sd Coll Cood & Mr. Alex: Lumley concerning Religion (being Gentn of a different perswasion) and in their discourse or argumt the question was put to Mr. Lumley by ye sd Cood whether he the sd Mr. Lumley did believe in Jesus Christ, the sd Mr. Lumley replyed that he did why (say'd Coll: Cood) doe you think that God Almighty ever begat a Son upon wch Mr. Lumly quoted a text of Scripture written by St. Paul (the Place where I cannot remember) Coll Cood upon ye replyed, St. Paul may be an impertinent writer as well as other men all Religion lies in [-ullies] Offices & further sayth not. H. Wriothesley The Deposition of John ffreeman Sworne before his Exncy ffrancis Nicholson Esq, Capt. Genll & Governour of Maryland. The above depont upon his oath sayth, that accidentally meeting with Capt. John Cood (alias Code) late high Sheriff of St. Maries County in Maryland, in ye house of Mr. John Evans in St. Maries City in ye Sd County & province he ye sd Depont heard ye sd Capt. John Cood (alias [John code]) [illegible] audibly [illegible] to ye sd deponent in month [illegible] sd Depont left his lodgings in ye sd city to attend & accom=pany ye Records of ye sd province removed to ye Town & port of Annapolis Anno Domin 169 These following words Viz: That the [illegible] of both ye churches, Roman & Protestant were Rogues : and yet it was allone to serve God or ye Divell for religion (sayd he) is but Policy. Whereupon ye sd Depont saying to ye sd Capt Coode (alias Cood) I admire to hear such things from you who (as I am told) are in holy ordrs yorSelf. The sd Capt Cood (alias Code) thus replyed yes, I am both Deacon and Priest, in the Church of England. September the 22th 1696. The above Deposition was Sworne to before his Exncy & Councill by ye above named John ffreeman. Hen Denton [illegible]