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Entered ye Shipp Mary and Ellery of Topsom Burthen 100 Ton Thomas Carpenter Commander from new found Land [Newfoundland] Noe passrs [passengers] ye 8th day of January 1693/4

Virginia Ss Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Carpenter Commander of the Shipp Mary and Ellery of Topsom and Richard Nusum of the County of Lancaster Gentln and Inhabitant are held and firmly bound unto Our Soveraigne Lord and Lady King William and Queen Mary their Heires and Successors in the Sume of One Thousand pounds Sterl to the true payment whereof on demand we bind us and every of us Ours and every of Our heires Executors &ca Jointly and Severally for the whole and in the whole togeather with the said Shipp and all her Gunns Tackle ffourniture and apparell firmly by these presents wittness our hands and Seales ye 8th day of January Anno Domi 169[last number illegible] The Condicon of this Obligacon is Such that whereas the above bounden is after the Ladeing of his sayd Shipp Intended and bound for Topsom now if the said Thomas Carpenter Commander as above shall take and Loade on board his Sayd Shipp any Sugars Tobaccoes Cotton Wooll Indico or other Enumerated Commodities of the Growth producon or Manufacture of any English Plantacon In Asia Africa or America or Shall Carry in his Sayd Shipp any of the aforesaid Commodities and unloade and putt the same on Shoare at Some Port In England Wales or at the Porte or Towne of Berwick upon Tweed the Danger of the Seas onely excepted and return Certificate of his soe ^ doeing and performeing then this Obligacon to be void and of none effect or else to stand in full force and vertue. Tho Carpenter Richard Nusum Sealed & delivered In psence of Waltr Wadding Danll: Sullivan