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1929 - 14th Anniversary Edition - 1943 The HAND SHAKE Published Monthly By The Polygon Club Vol. 6 PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA, MARCH, 1943 No. 9 Founding of Polygon Club Will Be Commemorated At Ladies' Night Banquet, March 16th; Rev. Clews To Speak

ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM Ernest Grimsley, Toastmaster America Invocation......Rev. Wm. Archer Right, Jr. Dinner.....Cutting of the Birthday Cake. Introduction of Toastmaster....by John T. Jackson, 3rd, President of Polygon Club. Introduction of Guests. History of the Polygon Club.....Warren Lively Address.....Rev. W. Hedley Clews, Pastor, Wright Memorial Methodist Church. Benediction.....Harold Tiffany

SHARP LIVELY GRIMSLEY Harry Sharp (left) chairman of committee in charge of arrangements for Anniversary Banquet; Warren Lively (center) who will give the history of the club; Ernest Grimsley (right) who will serve as toastmaster.

'The Hand Shake' Also Observes Its Anniversary Volume 1, Number 1 of the Hand Shake was dated March 16, 1937. Thus, by the simple method of subtraction, the fourteenth anniversary of the club is also the sixth anniversary of the club organ. When it was first issued, The Hand Shake was a one page mimeographed weekly. In July, 1842, it was changed to its present size and form and issued monthly. On February 9, the club approved commendation by the Board of Directors to suspend publication because of insufficient funds. One week later, the club voted to increase dues and to continue The Hand Shake.

The Polygon Club will be fourteen years old on March 19. The event will be celebrated at a Ladies' night banquet on Tuesday evening, March 16 at 7 o'clock in the Y. M. C. A. banquet hall. Chairman Harry Sharp and his committee have prepared a program designed to observe the occasion in an appropriate manner. The feature of the evening will be an address by Rev. W. Hedley Clews, pastor of the Wright Memorial Church. Ernest Grimsley will preside as toastmaster. Warren Lively, the third president of the club, will trace the history of the club from its inception in 1929. The menu will consist of fried chicken with all the trimmings - unless the O. P. A. decrees otherwise. Members will be permitted to invite guests, providing names of guests are reported to Chairman Sharp by March 9.