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TUESDAY AT 7:30 P.M. THE HAND SHAKE W. E. Moore Editor Published Weekly By the Polygon Club Vol. 1 Portsmouth, Va., May 24, 1937 No. 11

POLYGON BOWLERS WIN The Moose seem to be less harmless than the Lions, in bowling at any rate, for the Polygon Club team took them for a ride last Wednesday night to the tune of 2 to 1. Gentleman we're proud of you - and we're expecting you to win the finals which we believe are two weeks off. The last game in the second half will be played next Wednesday - Polygon Club vs. American Legion. The best of o' luck to you all. Those of us who are not on the bowling team should be present and let the boys know that we're interested in them.

STURTEVANT WINS MEDAL Charlie Sturtevant is becoming a bowler of some repute. We understand he rolled a 124 for the high game in last week's match against the Moose, and was presented with a medal in Norfolk for bowling the highest single set, with a score of 370. Congratulations and continued success, Charlie! Say fellows, don't you think Charlie out to show the medal to us at our next club meeting?

JACKSON'S TEAM TO PRESENT PROGRAM Chief Pilot Jackson and his assistants will, from all reports, present a very unique program at the next club meeting. We believe the reenactment of memorable scenes from the club's history will be very interesting and entertaining. Did anyone remember to include the Radcliffe-Donkey act? Eddie really did look swell in that silk hat and swallow-tail coat leading a donkey in the NRA parade. He did the job in such a dignified manner, and reflected such glory to the club, the editor (if he may voice an opinion) thinks this event should go down in history.

CAPTAIN MAJOR'S TEAM LEADS The Lockheed Electra which Major and his co-pilots are flying is apparently winging its way to victory in the attendance contest. Last week they scored a perfect record with twelve present and on time. Jackson's and Vaughan's teams also made splendid records last week but were not quite perfect. Another record was also set - out of the thirty-eight members on roll, thirty-five were present, one was absent and two were on leave-of-absence. This contest is really doing wonders for the club. The standing to date is as follows: Capt. Major's team - 469 points " Jackson's " - 428 " " Vaughan's " - 411 "

BOWEN PERMITS INTERVIEW Joe Brown finally broke down and permitted a "HAND SHAKE" reporter to interview him regarding "June Night". Mr. Bowen, who is Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, stated that the committee had practically set Saturday, June 19th, as the date for "June Night". He stated further that two clubs were being considered but neither had as yet been definitely chosen as the scene and setting of "June Night of 1937", which all Polygons are looking forward to with much pleasure. However, he promised definite action be the next club meeting. The committee insists that those who have them wear:quote white linen suits and blue accessories unquote

REV. LIPSCOMB ADDRESSES CLUB Rev. Bernard H. Lipscomb, Jr., pastor of Monumental Church, delivered a very fine talk to the club at its May supper meeting. His topic was "Helpful Ways of Controlling One's Life".

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.