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7:30 PM SHARP THE HAND SHAKE LAURENCE WILKINSON EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., June 7, 1937 NO. 13

JUNE NIGHT As most of us know, Saturday night, June 19, 1937, has been selected as the date of our Annual June-night affair. Congratulations are in order to the Entertainment Committee in being able to get the Ocean View Country Club as the place for this "big" occasion. Perhaps the Committee can inform the Club tomorrow night who will be playing "far far into the night" for us. How about it, Joe? Let's all go!

ATTENDANCE CONTEST After the award which was made last Thursday night by our Honorable President, it looks like there is some remote possibility that Major's team can be caught and made to share in the expense of the free dinner to the winning team - Jackson's team is close on your heels, Major, and there might be a hitch which would keep a few of your regulars away from a meeting or two. However, the standings of the teams are as follows. MAJOR'S TEAM - 527 points JACKSON'S TEAM - 501 " VAUGHAN'S TEAM - 466 " There are still nine members in a tie to win the hat. Maybe it would be to the interest of some of these fellows that "Hank' Thomson was kept out one club night and treated to a new pipe - since the one he has is so strong it is all the fellows who sit nearby can do to stay awake.

An unusual program, it is understood has been arranged, and all members are urged to be in attendance. Since the speaker will be a little late our meeting may run a few minutes over. However, the program is one which should not be missed by any of us.

POLYGONS WILL PLAY FOR CHAMPIONSHIP Our good and faithful bowling team had a much needed rest last Wednesday night in order to get themselves lines up for the big event next Wednesday night - the boys will roll the Lions' Club then for the Civic League Championship, this being decided by the team winning the first three out of five games to be played. All non-playing and playing members of the Club are urged to be present at this momentous occasion. The boys can always stand a little "pep" talk from the sidelines, so let's all go. Those expecting to bowl for us will be Gaskins, Sturtevant, Major, B. Vaughan, Hall, Joyner, and Gordon Vaughan, and any others who might be able to attend. The alleys are being fixed in first class condition, and play is expected to get under way at 7:30 P.M.

For the information of those who don't know, it is understood that the Club's display case located on High Street, next to Chapman's is now being overhauled by the one and only Clabron Shepherd - it is expected to contain more and more information of benefit to the public. Many thanks to Clabron for his work on this display case;

NEW OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED JUNE 22 Have you selected or nominated your party for his respective office? The time will soon be upon us when the critical moment of making our choice to guide this large and growing Club will arrive and everyone should certainly bear in mind that this is a very important task which should be thought of and considered carefully. Remember - June 22, so be sure to get your nominations in to the secretary before it is too late.

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.