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THE HAND SHAKE BRING CARS TUESDAY JOE BOWEN EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club Vol. I Portsmouth, Va., July 26, 1937

We Look in on VA Smelting This Week

The program committee was very much pleased that at last Tuesday's meeting nineteen of the twenty-two that were present took the trip over to the Allied Mills. Tomorrow night we look in on the Virginia Smelting Co. Mr. William Pond, Chief Chemist, will direct the tour an instructive as well as an enjoyable visit can be looked forward to by all who go.

Don't tell me the Lions Club is getting cold feet about the Polygonites challenging them to a baseball game. Our boys are already set to practice for such a game which was their suggestion originally and now they get cold feet. Sissies!!! Do you suppose that they will take us on for a game of Tiddley WInks? Let's ask em!

Charlie, They are not really hissing

It has been brought to the attention of this correspondent that considerable ( which means too much in this case) whispering is being done during club meeting hours. Our president may think that he id being, eruh, hissed so frankly it's a good it's a good idea to cut out this practice. Do you know that conversations will be more appreciated if delivered in person rather than in meeting? The thought is reasonable too because you may understand that your listener will give them full hearing. In meeting he can lend only half an ear.

"GOSSIP AND RUMOR, fanned by men and women of mean minds, will choke an honest man-- because we are all too ready to believe what is whispered and doubt what is DENIED."

As Thy Days So Shall Thy Strenght Be

Practice makes perfect anything is one thought that may be developed from the above caption. Even our bad habits can be perfect----perfectly bad.****Moral: Create for yourself good clean habits and continue them so regularly that they will become a part of your second nature-- which does things for you without thought. Take a good look at one who is living a clean life and another look at one who is living an immoral episode. Get a good look a both of them and decide for yourself which you are to resemble. Your outward appearance is created by your inner self, remember.

Molly: Did you close your eyes when he kissed you? Peggy: No, but I closed his.

JUST BREAK THE NEWS TO MAJOR You may not know it but Elwood Major and eight or ten fellows are holding their breath while waiting for an announcement about the entertainment they are to be given by twice as many fellow-club members. The twice as many other club members are the losers of the recent attendance contest, and they must hurry as the no in- and no ex- halers can't stand a lengthy delay. Besides, what are the losers waiting for?

Philadelphia, (UP) - - Three sets of twins arrived at St. Angus Hospital within five days. A pair of boys arrived on a Friday and the others followed in four days. - - Don't let them scare you fellows, we Polygons are pulling for you.

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.