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BRING CARS TUESDAY THE HAND SHAKE FRANK THOMSON EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club Vol. 1 Portsmouth, Va., August 2, 1937 No. 21

TRIP TO THE VA. SMELTING CO. THIS WEEK The trip to "The Virginia Smelting Company", scheduled for last Tuesday night, has been postponed until tomorrow night. The Program committee has announced that Mr. William Pond, Chief Chemist, will direct the tour. An enjoyable visit can be expected by those who attend.

ATTENDANCE CHART How many "Polygon Club Members" have noticed the chart posted on the wall in the club's meeting room? If you have not seen it, look it over and see if you can keep your attendance record one-hundred percent perfect. The attendance since the contest has not been very high. be present every week.

POLYGON CLUB BUTTONS The Club has purchased twelve Club Buttons, to be sold to its members. The price of each button is $1.50. They can be secured by all members who decide to buy them.

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMITTEE William Pace, chairman of the Public Service Committee, has announced that his committee was scheduled to meet last Friday night. He states that the committee had a number of proposals to discuss out of which the committee hopes to evolve a definite program of Public Service to carry out.

George Gaskins, Warren Lively, and William Moore have returned from the Y.M.C.A. Southeastern Conference.

STORK ARRIVES Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Morse have announced the birth of a son, Foster Wray Morse, Thursday, July 22, 1931. Alfred announced that he will be present to distribute cigars this week. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Morse.

WHEN DO WE EAT "When Do We Eat" has become the Slogan of Major's winning team in the attendance contest. John Jackson & Buster Vaughan are scheduled to make the long awaited announcement this Tuesday night.

SPORTS BATTER UP-- How good are you on Major League Records and Statistics? Below are listed some questions. How many can you answer? 1. How many home runs have been hit by any one player in one game? 2. What catcher holds the record for the less number of passed balls in one season? 3. What is the distance in feet around the bases of a major league baseball diamond? 4. What player was baseball's highest salaried player in 1935? 5. What is the record of successive strikeouts? Who are the pitchers accomplishing this feat? 6. What players have been elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame? 7. What player holds the record for the most number of times at bat in one season?

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.