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FALL FESTIVAL ISSUE THE HAND SHAKE JNO. T. JACKSON, 3rd EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., October 4, 1937 No. 30

PUBLIC SERVICE The Public Service Committee in presenting it's proposal for a memorial to our late advisor, Mr. C. S. Morse, has chosen wisely in it's selectoin of a fitting memorial to the man who led us thru the trying years of building a firm foundation for the growth and advancement of our club.

"The Polygon Club", in adopting this proposal, has served a twofold purpose, in honoring his memory and, at the same time, filling the needs of our public library in supplying books from which our community, as a whole, should benefit.

This memorial can stand only as part of the tribute due the man whose aim and ideals in life followed so nearly the aim and ideals of the Polygon Club which he played so great a part on organizing and which stands today, a living tribute to his memory.

INTER-CLUB MEETINGS The invitation extended by the Lions Club in regard to the civic clubs of Portsmouth, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and Polygon, meeting together quarterly with each club carrying out it's usual program at one meeting, with the other club as guests, is of importance to us as we were the first club to bring together these four civic organization in a joint meeting for the purpose of presenting our Public Service Award several years ago. The Lions Cub is to be congratulated in this effort which will tend to bring about a spirit of fellowship and cooperation between these groups and we see no reason why we should not accept this invitation.

We welcome James H. Haskett, Jr. into the fellowship of our club.

FALL FESTIVAL Tonite opens the first entertainment of our "Fall Festical", followed each Monday nite in October by a group of entertainers presenting a variety of entertainment that we seldom have the pleasure of seeing in Portsmouth and we urge you all to be there.

It is of vital importance to us, and we must do everything possible to insure a large attendance. If each member does his share of work in advertising this program and selling six or more tickets we can make this affair a success.

We have here another chance to prove that we are capable of putting over anything we try to put over. We can not fall down and let the Business & Professional Ladies Class of the "Y" get ahead of us. Get out and sell as many tickets as you can.

All member's assisting in presenting this program are urged to be at the Y.M.C.A. by 7:30 P.M.

EDITORIAL Shirking you responsibilities! This sums up in one short sentence a number of reasons why we are not making the progress we should

The President appoints committees to handle certain matters in the interest of the club and you as a member of the committee should feel just as responisble as the committee chairman in seeing the matter through. Do your share and help lighten the load your fellow club members are bearing. You receive the same benefits as any one else and you should do your share of the work.

This is probably a natural situation, no one wants to do more than his part. Don't shirk YOUR responsibilities.

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.