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FALL FESTIVAL ISSUE THE HAND SHAKE JNO. T. JACKSON, 3rd EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., October 11, 1937 No. 31

FALL FESTIVAL Tonite, we present Harold D. Eide as the second of hte series in our fall festival of entertainment. Mr. Eide, an arctice explorer, should have many interesting experiences to realte in his lecture on the arctic region and his travels through this barren land of ice and snow.

Last weeks entertainment was enjoyed by everyone present and we are sure that this weeks program will be just as enjoyable.

We urge everyone to be present. There are still two more weeks of this entertainment and we have plenty to do in order to make our program go over the top. We regret to note that this years program is not receiving proper support from the majority of our members. Here is a story which sums up this lack of support without much trouble. "Three men stole a cow, two of them got away---" for further details, attend your club meeting Tuesday nite.

Bill Pace requests that all tickets and moeny be turned in, if possible, not later than Tuesday nite.

BUSINESS MEETING The meeting tomorrow nite will cover several important matters tat must be handled at once and we urge every member to be present.

The two most important are:

Motion tabled Tuesday, September 28, regarding inter-club meetings.

Discussion of plans for our dance. Do we want a Thanksgiving or Christmas dance this year?

Be present and air your views---give the moths a break.

BOWLING NOTES The bowling team, Portsmouth Duckpin Association champions of the 1936-37 season, bowled over the Cradock Baptist team last Thursday nite, winning three straight games to open the 1937-38 season. Score: - Cradock Baptist - 435, 462, 459; 471, 467, 468.

Sturtevant, clean up man, came through with a spare in the last frame of the second game to win by five pins, after being low man through the eighth frame.

Captain Vaughan sent himself in for Jackson in the second game. The team wants to save Jackson for the tough games - - to keep score.

It is too early in the season to expect the team to be in top form. Major, Gaskins and Telbot were not up to their usual form and neither were the other members of the team. We expect to see some improvement in next Thursday's game.

Asked to write a bried essay on the life of Benjamin Franklin, a little girl wrote this gem of a paragraph.

"He was born in Boston, travelled to Philadelphia, met a lady on the avenue, she laughed at him, he married her, and discovered electricity.

E D I T O R I A L There is a definite lack of cooperation among members as regards to majority of our club prokects. There are probably eight members doing the greatest part of the work necessary to carry out these projects and also carry on work within the club. We do not need more members - we only need more cooperation from those members not doing their share of club work.

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living