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FALL FESTIVAL ISSUE THE HAND SHAKE JNO. T. JACKSON 3rd EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., October 25, 1937 No. 33

FALL FESTIVAL Tonite we present "The Mysterious Mr. Mason", the fourth and final feature in our fall festival program. This play, a three act comedy of high finance, brings you the Glen Wells players in a show that should be entertaining and enjoyable. The "Lucille Elmore Revue", presented last week, drew a capacity crowd and may favorable comments were made by persons attending this show. Miss Elmore added local color to the show in her references to Laurence Wilkinson and Bob Allison. If you were not there, you missed a treat. Ticket returns are not yet complete, and until all tickets are in, a complete report on the financial success of this years program cannot be made.

The Editorial Staff of the Handshake finds that the following file copoes of the paper are missing. Vol.I, Number 23, of August 16th " I, " 26, " September 6th " I, " 27 " " 13th " I, " 28 " " 20th " I, " 28 " " 27th Any members having any of the above issues please get in touch with some member of the Publication Committee

The club extends a hearty welcome to James H. Haskett, Jr. and Charles W. West, Jr., new members, who were received into the club last Tuesday.

The Entertainment Committee promises further details on the Thanksgiving Dance for your approval at the meeting tomorrow nite.

BOWLING NOTES The bowling team took the lead in the Duckpin League last Thursday nite by defeating the Court Street Baptists in three straight games Court Street Baptist 459, 454, 508 Polygon Club 512, 482, 514 Captain Vaughan led the scoring with games of 100, 112, 106. Mac Joyner and Sturtevant, rolling games of 111 and 109; 108 and 111, respectively. Gaskins, Talbot, Major, and Wilkinson also rolled A decided improvement was shown over the first two matches and, while the team has lost only one game, a flash of last years form was shown in last Thursday's match.

ATTEND DANCE Wellknown club members attending the dance of the Alpha Iota Sorority, at the Town Club in Norfolk, last Friday nite were; Gaskins, Hall, Jackson, Mac Joyner, Buster Vaughan and Wilkinson

EDITORIAL The publication of The Handshake requires a great deal of work in order to carry out the plan of having a paper that is both interesting and representative of club ideals. The Budget for 1937-38 has allocated a good part of receipts for carrying on this work and it is only fair for the members appointed to edit the paper to set aside the time necessary to do this work as it should be done. Each appointment is made for two or three weeks and you should try to do the best you can during your term. The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.