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Record of names of registered voters (colored). Fifth Magisterial District County of Spotsylvania Virginia. voting at the election held October 22nd 1867 A Anderson, James Armstrong, George Anderson, Mat Anderson, Jerrey Alefart, Harrison Adams, Stirling B Basey, Simon Blackburn, Ishman Butler, Edward Bankhead, Jerrimiah Burrell, William Bryant, Moses Burr, Franklen Bernard, Robert Brooks, Beverley Bird, Smith Boxley, James Buckner, Robert Brokenberry, Henry Butler, Simon Burton, George Bucker, Isearal Bellford, James Brown, Marchal Black, Henry Boneypart, Wm [William] Burrl, Willson Bailer, William Bundy, Thornton Brook, Lacy Brooks, Alfred [Broron? Brown?], William Banks, Moses Bailer, Foster Brown, Shepard Bowling, Moses Bird, Henry Bruce, John D. Bank, William Boxley, Patterson Barber, Phillip Bruce, Wm [William] H Brooks, James