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252 I make constitue ordain and appoynt my wife Mary Wade my whole and sole Executrix of all my Temporall Estate that it hath pleased God to Endue me withall in this world, all my Goods and Chattels and Etcs and to pay such legesis to my Children as I shall appoynt, viz to my son Benjamin Wade and Elias Wade Senior. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin Wade a cow with calf a heafer one sow one dish and six spoons likewisw I give him one filley of a bay mare which I would have to Run to breed on and in case shee should not bring a ffilly that he the sd Benjamin hath the first fole of the sd Mare. Item. I give and bequeath to my son Elias Wade Senior one cow with Calf and the second Colt that falls of that bay mare be it either hors or mare Colt one sow one dish and six poones [spoons] and one hayfer of two year old. Item I give and bequeath to my son WIlliam Wade after shee hath brought two foles for my two sonns Benjamin and Elias Senr. a pair of silver breeches buttens and my Gun Marke E Elias Wade Signed sealed & dd in pnce of Peter Good Stephen ffleshware

Proved in Court the fourth day of November 1695 by the oaths of Peter Good and Stephen ffleshware. Test James Minge Cl Cur

Charles Citty County Ss. Wheras his Excy Sr. Edmund Andros knt his Majtie Lt. and Governer Genell of Virga by Comicon under his hand and the seal of the Colony bearing date at James Citty the eleaventh day of May last pass't hath constituted and appointed & Authorized James Biss Gent. to signe and seal all such Probats and Administracons as shall be passed in Charles Citty County. And Wheras Mr Charles Anderson Clerk exhibited in the Court of the sd County of Charles Citty a certain Writeing or power of Attorney from under the hand of Charles Hay lately Resident in the sd County decd. which writeing is coroberated and proved by divers Oathes and is together with the sd Oathes hereunto affixed and anexed And the sd Charles Anderson prayd that a probat of the same as of a Will nuncupative might be granted him for the better Ordering and securing the estate of him the sd Charles Hay decd. Be it therfore known to all Xtian [Christian] people that the sd James Biss according to Order of the Court of the sd Charles Citty County bearing date att Westover the 16th day of September last past doe by these pnts give and grant unto the sd Charles Anderson full power and lawfull Authority to dispose of all and Singular the Goods and chattels Rights and Creditts of the sd deceased according to the true intent and meaning of the sd deced in the sayd Writeing expressed and to render a true account therof when therunto Lawfully required. Given under the hand and seal of the sd James Biss this 27. December. 1695 Anno Doni Regis Gulielmi Tertii Septemo James Bisse Seal

Agrees with the Originall & Recorded Test. James Minge Cl Cur.