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253 William Epes Senr. his marke Recorded by Order. 7ber. 16. 1695 Two Smooth Crops, half moon under the Left ear and a peece taken out of the Right eare. Alsoe his Marke att Blackkwalor. viz. Two swallow forks and an half moon under the left eare.

Memord. Uppon the back of a Deed for one hundred acres of Land made by Hugh Lee to Thomas Dickins wch deed is on thes Records. page.169. It is thus endorsed & Assigned. viz

I Thomas Dickins for and in Consideracon of fifteen pounds sterl. pd me by Thomas Mercy doe by thes pnts grant sell and Assigne unto him the sd Thomas Mercy all my estate right title and interest of and in the Lands in this Deed menconed and Sold together with all its members and appurnes to have and to hold the sd Lands being one hundred acres and prmisses wth the appnces to him the sd Thomas Mercy his heyrs & Ass. for ever. wittnes my hand and seal this 3 Xber 1695 Thomas Dickins [seal] seale Test. Joshua Wynn James Minge

Acknowledged in Open Court by the sd Thomas Dickins to the sd Tho: Mercy Xber 3 1695.

Recorded by Ordor of the Justices. Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

I doe hereby nominate and apoint my Loveing friend John Golightly for me and in my stead to apear at the next County Court to be held for Charles Citty Coun. then and ther to Surrender and make over all my right and title of Dower that I have in and to a parcell of lands with the apurneces therunto belonging which the sd Thomas Mercy hath bought of my husband Thomas Dickins What my sd atturny shall doe in the premisses shall by me be held and deemd as good and effectuall for the [suer?] Conveighing of right to the sd Mercy as if I my self were personally present in Witnes wherof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal the thirtyeth day of Novemb. 1695 Mary X Dickins [seal] seal Sealed and dd in pnce and sight of Robt. Bolling. Proved in Court by the oath of Robert Bolling and ordered to be recorded. Test. James Minge Cl Cur. Xber 3 1695

Mary Dickins by John Golightly her atturny relinquisheth her right of Dower to Thomas Mercy. of and in the Lands Sold by her husband to the sd Thomas Mercy Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

Memorand. On the back of A Deed for fifty acres of land sold by Francis Barrum to Robert Landsdon Acknowledged in Court the 13 Aprill 1693. and Recorded page 153 hereof. The foll. deed of Assignmt was endorsed. viz:

Know all men by thes pnts that We Robert Lansdon and Mary my wife for a Consideracon in hand recd doe assigne and make over unto