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-4- Early in the fall or maybe in the spring of that year, 1881, a building committee consisting of, if I do not mistake, Bros. R. E. Jordan, R. W. Lawson, and the writer, was appointed and the contract given to Dabney Cosby Sr. for the erection of a brick building 40 by 60 feet, at a cost of about $2,250. The lot had previously been purchased by Bro. R. E. Jordan from Capt. E. B. Jeffress. While Mr. Cosby was engaged in building, the brethren were busily engaged in collecting money to pay for the same. I feel it but due to state that but for the liberality of Bros. R. E. Jordan and W. I. Jordan, who rendered so much assistance, the work would have been greatly retarded. These brethren not only contributed liberally, but extended accommodations to the committees who were struggling to secure the means of carrying on the work in meeting the obligations. Early in September Bro. R. W. Lawson and the writer visited Bethel Hill Church, Bethel Hill, N.C., as a committee to solicit aid. We arrived at our destination just before the close of the Sunday School. The writer was in a strange land and among strangers, but was soon made feel at home among these Godly saints, who gave us a cordial greeting. The superintendent, Bro. Ruffin Woody, pressed the writer into service by inviting him to talk to the school, which was largely attended. Among those who greeted us cordially was Bro. Smith Humphries, who, after learning of our mission, said that he, for one, desired to "take stock" in the proposed church at South Boston. After the Sunday School closed, Rev. John E. Montague, the beloved pastor, arrived, and just before the sermon, introduced