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s. b. society house tour hunt with cuts

The Halifax Woman's Club will present its annual Christmas Homes Tour on Sunday, December 14, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Five houses, three in South Boston and two Halifax, will be opened, several for the first time. The "newest" house on the tour is that of Mrs. Francis L. Hunt, at 801 North Main Street in South Boston. It was built in 1915 by Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Hunt, parents of Mrs. Hunt's late husband. Capt. E. B. Jeffress, known as the "father of South Boston," and his wife, Mary, gave a lot on North Main Street to their daughter and son-in-law, Susan Ann and E. B. Yancey, on June 26, 1877. Two more lots were given on June 2, 1882. The Yanceys sold a lot, fronting 105 feet on North Main Street, to J. Y. Tune and others on January 8, 1914. The Tunes sold the lot to the G.J. Hunts on October 9 of that year, and here they built their new house the next year. Before moving to their new home, the Hunts had lived further down the street. That house, now destroyed, stood next to the present-day Security Building, where the South Boston Bank plaza is. Mrs. G. J. Hunt designed the 14-room house to suit her own personal tastes and needs. It remains much the same today, some remodeling having been done by Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Hunt years ago. The major alteration was the removal of a fireplace in the front hall. Only the lower floor of the home will be opened for the tour. The hall is a large as most modern-day rooms, while the living room and dining room are quite spacious and high-ceiled. There are also two large bedrooms, a kitchen located in the former butler's pantry,