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Dear Aunt Phebe I am very sorry I left the measles at your house, but it was definitely unintentional, as I had no idea Ellie had the measles but it seems to be going about everywhere, They have it [at] Mrs John Carrington’s and Mr. Claiborne's. It is very easy to manage, just give her warm sage or ginger tea, and a little toddy, and don't let her drink cold water, if she is costsive [costive] give her about two grains of calomel. it will make her right sick at first, but in about two days she will begin to get over it, Let her eat rice or soup and biscuit and she can drink butter milk if you warm it a little. I sent for Dr. Spencer at first but dont think it at all necessary. Mr. Clark went up to Morton's this morning, but he will send you a [gun?] when he gets home if he has one to spare, I don't know any