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names top left of page: Rob Tucker Joshua Wynne Charles Roberts Walter[Tucker?], [Rot?] [Wayne?] Roberts, Charles [Nummeley?], [Walter?] Charles City at Westover the county court of [mill?] 1699 proud in court by the oaths of joshua [illegible] [Tucker?], Robert and [Nummeley?], Walter [illegible] [theatrical?] [illegible] [illegible] [Battle?], Henry of bristoll parish this will dated the tenth day of june 1695 proud in court by the oaths a [foresaid?] - order in [illegible] recorded recorded and certified [illegible Theodorick [blandg?] Dept for George letter attorney to Blighton to [allow?] whom there presents shall come George, John

of Boston in New England merchant send the gretting whereasthe principal commissioners for prizes by in the  of the power and authority into them granted by [hisma?] commission under the great [leal?] of England have in and by commission under their hands and [seal?] of their office bearing [fare?] the 4th day of may 1697 constituted and appointed the and George, John

or all prizes that are have been or shall be brought in to all or any of the [park?] of Maryland and Districts therefor and in New England, New Yorke [Pennsylvania?] and Virginia. With full power and authority to do and perform all and allmanner of thingsto the said place of agent belonging and appertaining according to such directions and instructions as he the George, John shall from time to time receive from the said commissioners or any three or more of them and have impowered the George, John and suck other as he shall think necessary to [impoly?] to [imagine?] after, examine [illegible] find pout all matters and things [transacted?] or that shall be [transacted?] committed or done [something] any prize [thinks], good or merchandiser which hath been brought into Maryland or in Districts or in or on New England New Yorke, Pennsylvania Virginia or any place or places upon the Continent of America from the 19th of time 1689 for and during by time and continuance of the commission granted by his [may?] to the Principal [comfriorers?] for prizes in and by [authentic?] copy of their commission to the [illegible] George, John here unto this [illegible] will at large appear [cant?] know ye that these George, John have nominated deputed and appointed and to hereby nominate depute and disappoint George Blighton of Virginia merchant to be may true and lawful substitute and agent under me for all prizes that are have been or shall be brought into all or any of the parts in Virginia afore [illegible] and do hereby give and grant unto the Blighton, George full power and authority to do and perform all and all manner of things in Virginia [afore?] belonging and appear claiming to the place of [diligent?] unto the [illegible] commissioners for prizes in.