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[faded writing along to Know all men of this conty I Ann Hollford of my owne free will & good liking doe bind my daughter Elizabeth as a Mulatto apprentice unto Jno Baxter or his heirs admrs or assignes firmly by this present for to have in all lawfull imployant by he ye sd baxter shall imploy her in, beginning at the date hereof & to serve till she come to age according to ye act of asesmbly during wch time the sd Baxter is to find her wth sufficient dyett washing & lodging as wittness my hand this 20th of 9ber 1679 Test Wm Cocke Jane Cocke

she is now six or seven months old

Ann [her marke] Hollford

9bor ye 3d 1691 This indenture is affirmed by this Courte & Wm Cocke is sworne as an [illegibl] hereto Test: Hugh Davis

Tho Wrights Estate S