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nearly all the planting removed and the area converted to grass. Luckily, though, the fine boxwood hedges and the aged lilacs encircling the lawn just inside the stone wall were not disturbed.

The family cemetery is located about 500 yards east of the mansion in what was a corner of the gardens. In its thirty graves rest six generations of the Carrington and Bruce families.

Just to the side of the River Road entrance to Berry Hill, in the midst of aged ailanthus trees, is the original overseer's house. With its quaint Williamsburg-type chimneys, windows, and two separate front entrance door, the house dates, like Berry Hill itself, from about 1770.

About two miles away, on the road to South Boston - the Berry Hill Road - stands the Berry Hill Church, built about 1900 by Mrs. Alexander Bruce to replace am earlier one built in 1840 by James Coles Bruce and torn down by her husband because the colored people were no longer attending it. A