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who was, in the fall and winter of 1873, tutor to the children of John Clark of Millwood and Banister Lodge. With the Clarks she visited Berry Hill on 13 December, and recorded the highlights of the afternoon in her diary: "When we got up this morning it was very cloudy and windy and began to rain fast soon after breakfast... we went to Berry Hill about two o'clock in the pouring rain... We had a very pleasant day; Mrs. Bruce is such a nice lady, and the house is beautiful, with handsome carpets, mirrors, pictures, etc... We played Authors, of course, as that game seems to be all the rage up there... Dinner was announced about 3 1/2 and was a very welcome sound, as I was playing the piano and did not object to an interruption. I must describe the dinner next: south out of SILVER PLATES, turkey, oysters, sausages, tomatoes, and every variety of vegetables, and SILVER GOBLETS to drink water out of and glass for the wine, of which I did not partake. The dessert was custard, cake, blac-mange, preserves, and apples, and wound up with SILVER FINGER BOWLS! I never felt so fine in all my life. After dinner we went out to the billiard room where Mr. Bruce and Mr. Tom were playing. It