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had cleared off beautifully then and we left about dark... going back to Tarover..."

Alexander Bruce died 5 October, 1906, leaving Berry Hill to his children. Walter Coles left college and moved to Alabama, where he dealt in real estate and served as the manager of the Bell Telephone Company in Montgomery. Ellen Douglas married Richard Crane III, an heir to the Crane plumbing fortune and at one time U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. The Cranes lived at Westover, the home of the Byrds, that is now owned by their daughter, Mrs. Bruce Crane Fisher.

Malcolm Graeme Bruce, the last of the Bruces to live at Berry Hill, was twice married. He and his first wife, Myrtle Heisen, a Chicago heiress, lived in Richmond, where he practiced law. She died in 1916 and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery. Several years later he married his cousin, Berry Bruce Williams, of Culpepper, and with her returned to live at Berry Hill. The second Mrs. Bruce died in 1943.