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Copy of the Earl of Nottingham’s Letter to You about Trade with the Spanyards

The [States?] General of the United Provinces having represented. To teh Queen the advantages and conveniences of the trade with Spain in the West - Indies Her Maj upon consideration of the reasons - alleged by them has thought fit to approve of their approval and to [convince?] the trade & commerce with the Spanniards in those. Parts during this war in all commodities excepting those of War and commerce [illegible] and such commodities aseure prohibited by law to be carried from her Majee’s plantations directly to any forreign countrey and her Maj has commanded me to signify her pleasure to you, thank you. Permit, and suffer, her subjects freely and openly to carry to any place or territory under the Dominiens of Spain in America all such Merchandizes and Commodities as might have been carried thither before the war, provided there be not among them any shores or ammunition of war which You.

Colonel Nicholson