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The Honorable House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia. The Petition of the undersigned, John H. Allstadt, of Jefferson County, in the State of Virginia, respectfully represents that on the night of the 16th October 1859, about 3 o'clock, his Dwelling House situated on his Farm, on the road leading from Harper's Ferry to Charlestown, in said county, was with violence broken into by five or six armed men and himself and son forcibly carried off, as prisoners, to Harper's Ferry. The party conducting and effecting this abduction by force of arms, was led by John Brown's Captains as he so termed them and they acquiesced in this title. The undersigned and son, with many others, were confined, as prisoners, int the Watch & Guard House of the Harper's Ferry Armory, soon after their capture, without the privilege of communication with their friends outside, except under restrictions of the most humiliating and extortionate character, such as, for instance, that their liberation might be effected by the reception of a slave negro, in place of any one of the prisoners, so as aforesaid confined, with your Petitioner. Seven of yr. Petitioner's slaves were aroused from their beds, at the same time, by the same party and they, as well as himself and son, under threats of instant death for disobedience to the order to that effect, were compelled to surrender, and were removed without resistance, from the residence of the undersigned