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Harper's Ferry January 2nd 1860 Having seen the negro man Ben referred to in the petition of John H Allstadt, during his confinement in the jail at Charlestown Virginia, I will state from an examination of him at the time (a few days after his commitment to the jail), I concluded that his condition was the result of fright and exposure consequent upon his capture by John Brown's party on the 16th of October last. I found that without any specific disease to which I could attribute his sickness, that he manifested many of the symptoms which usually attend attacks of "delirium tremens" such as nervous starting & tremors, together with various hallucinations, among the most prominent of which was constant dread of being killed by armed men, who he said were after him to take his life, and an endeavor to escape from them, I do not know, whether at the time I saw him, he was under medical treatment or not, but think he was. I will also state that I do not know what particular disease supervened, but have no hesitation in saying that whatever it may have been, that it was the result entirely of the causes above mentioned. John D. Storry M. D. (over)