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The County of Campbell

One of Lynchburg's Cast Iron Pipe Plants

Lynchburg, with six large modern shoe factories turning out over 14,000 pairs each day, us the shoe center of the entire South. Many of these shoes are exported to foreign countries as well as to different part of the United States. The Craddock-Terry Company operates two distributing houses, four factories and a central fitting plant at Lynchburg, one distributing house, two factories, and a leather plant at St. Louis, Missouri, and a distributing house, a factory at Louisiana, Missouri. This company has recently taken over the Geo. D. Witt Shoe Company. Shoes valued at $12,300,000 are manufactured by this company in Virginia alone. The Beasley Shoe Company, Inc., is the second largest shoe manufacturing company in Lynchburg. In 1921 this company took over the Fitx-Richards shoe factory and there has been a steady increase in trade from year to year. The Suhling and Company, Inc., has been operating in Lynchburg for thirty years mainly as exporters of dark leaf tobacco, rehandling and redrying it in the leaf state. This is one of the largest independent dealers in the trade, conducting an extensive business in the United States, England, and throughout the continent of Europe. The Glamorgan Pipe and Foundry Company engages in an extensive business in the production of cast iron gas and water pipes and fittings and chemical machinery castings. The Lynchburg Foundry Company manufactures several varieties of pipes, plows and plow parts. The John H. Heald and Company, Inc., a tanning extract factory, was established in 1849. This is the largest plant of its kind in the world. This company together with the Imperial Dyewood Corporation produces tanning, dyeing and tropical dyewood extracts. The Thornhill Wagon Company manufactures farm and drayage wagons, carts, and like products. This is the largest plant in the South manufacturing farm wagons. The Lynchburg Division of the Consolidated Textile Corporation produces grey cotton sheetings. The value of its annual product is about $2,225,000. The three companies - Old Dominion Garment Company, Inc., A. C. Barrow and Company, and the N. and W. Overall Company - produce annually about $9,000,000 worth of overalls, shirts, and pants. The J.P. Bell Company Inc., and the Brown-Morrison Company do an extensive business in printing, binding and work of that nature. There are a great number of large flour and corn mills in both Lynchburg and Campbell County. The output of those in the various sections of the county is used mainly for home consumption. The Harris-Woodson Company, operating together with the Enterprise Candy Company, produces annually about 10,000,000 pounds of candy. In both the city and the county there are a great number of lumber mills. These ship carloads of finished products daily. Altavista is the second important manufacturing center in the county. In this little town is situated one of the largest cedar chest factories in the world. A large cotton mill producing a strictly high class grade of silk warps and voiles, a mallet factory, a stone factory, and an ice plant