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April Court 1750 In the suit on petition between David Crige plt & John Hasty Deft. Judment is granted the plt. for eight hundred ninety eight pounds Crop Tobo. with costs and a Lawyers Fee. The Suit on petition between Rawleigh Traverse plt. & James Hughs Deft abates by plt [dth?] In the suit on petition between John Short plt & William Rose, Deft. Judgment granted the plt for two hundred sixty & five pounds of Tobacco & costs. The Suit on petition between George [Brelt?] plt & William Davis is continued at the plt's Costs. In the Suit on petition between William Kenyon plt & John Allison Deft Judgment is granted the plt for one pounds Sixteen Shillings & Sixpence with Costs & a Lawyers Fee. Ordered that William Kenyon pay John Short one hundred & seventy five pounds of Tobo. for 7 days attendance as an evidence for him vs Alison. In the Suit on information brought on behalf of our Lord the King ags. Peter Lidebottom for retailing Liquors without Licence the said Peter having pleaded not guilty a Jury to wit William King Joseph Combs William Etherton Edward Waller Richard [Hoog?] Nathaniel Gray, John Short Franklyn Latham Charles Wells Daniel Hawkins John Alexander & Charles Harding were sworn by the Issues Joined who brought in their verdict in these words We find for the Deft. John Alexander foreman, which verdict at the Defts. motion is admitted to Record & this Suit is ordered to be dismissed. The Suit on attachment obtained by Peter Wiggington vs George Knight is dismist. Ordered that Peter Lidebottom pay Thomas Freeman 561 lb Tobo. for 8 days attendance as an evidence for him at the Suit of our Lord the King. In the action of Trespass upon the case between Andrew Grant & Robert Brown plts. & John Hasty Deft. the Deft not appearing Judgment is granted the plts against him & William Sebastian his security for what of the Sum Sued for in the Declaration shall appear to be Justly due. Unless the Deft do appear at the next Court & answer the plts action The action of Trespass Assault & Battery between John Turner plt & George Johnson Deft being agreed is Dismissed. In the action of Debt between Jonathan Forward of London Merchant plt & William King Deft is Dismist