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April Court 1750 [page] 37 Samuel Simpson is appointed Constable in the room of James Jeffries & the said James is ordered to summon the said Samuel before the Justices to be Sworn and when he is Sworn the said James is discharged. Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow 9 Oclock R Bernard At a Court continued and held for Stafford County April 11th 1750 Present Philip Alexander Richard Bernard Richard Foote Mott Doniphan John Payton & Peter Daniel - Gentlemen Gowry Waugh Orphan of Joseph Waugh came into Court and made choice of Mott Doniphan Gent & Alexander Doniphan for his Guardians who are approved of by the Court having given Bond according to Law. In the action of Trespass between Edward Bush Plt & Thomas Porter Deft on the motion of the Deft a Special Imparlance is granted him till the next Court. In the action of Trespass Assault and Battery between James Williams plt and Jessee Bails Deft the Deft not appearing on the plt's motion an Als. Capias is ordered returnable to the next Court. In the Action of Trespass between John Carter plt & John Waters Deft the Deft not appearing Judgment is granted the plt against him and George Waller his Security for what of the Sum Sued for in the Decleration shall appear to be Justly due unless the Deft do appear at the next Court & answer the plt's action. In the Suit on petition between Moses Lunsford plt & William King Admr of John Rabbling decd deft, the Deft having pleaded fully administired & it appearing to the Court that he had no Estate of the Intestates in his hands this Suit is dismist. The Suit on petition between John Jones plt & John Cubbage Deft is Dismist. In the Suit in chancery between Michael Hall complt & Grace Berry Deft. the deft having put in her answer and made oath thereto is ordered to be certified.