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42 April Court 1750

In the action of Debt between Richard Bernard Gent Plt & Benoni Stratton Deft. The Deft for pleas saith he owes nothing. The plt Joined this Issue and the trail thereof is referred till the next Court.

Order the Exrs of Neil Buchanan decd pay William Hunter 123 te [taske] Tobo for three days attendance as evidence for them vs Conway (per) for coming and returning Eight Miles twice.
The suit in Chancery between Henry Fitzhugh Gent plt & Samuel Haywood and Richard Foote Gent. Defts is continued till the next Court alt Plts Costs.
In the action of Debt brought on the behalf Our Sovereigh Lord the King against John Humpston, William Rose & James Butler, a Jury to Wit Joseph Combs, George James, John Mauzy, Williamking, James Oneal, Thomas Price, John Thomas, Joseph Porter, Hasel Hardwick, Howson Hooe, Thomas Hay and Charles Harding were sworn to try the Issue. Joined who brought in their Verdict in these Words.  WE of the Jury find for the Defts, Howson Hooe forman.  Which Verdict at the Defts motion is admitted to Record and this Suit is Dismist.
the Action of Trespass upon the Case between John Short pt & Richard Bernard Gent. Deft a Jury towit Baldwin Dade an Others were Sworn to try the Issue Joined who brought in their Verdict in these Words.WE of the Jury find a promisary note from the Deft to Edward Humston for tiry five pounds Current Money pay the [?]ht August One thousand Seven hundred & forty Seven. WE find that the said note is not endorsed  or assigned by the said Edward Humston to any person what so ever. WE find that John Humston has assigned the said note for the Balance therofe after a Debt of fourteen pounds Seven Shillings and four pence discounted due from the said John Humston to the Deft.  WE find that the Deft assumed to pay the balance of the Plt. If the Law be for the plt.  WE find for him Twenty two pounds Twelve Shillings & Ten pence. Damage Othersise WE find for the Deft Baldwin Dade foreman. Which Verdici is admitted to Record, And to be Argued the next Court.
In the Action of Debt between Alexander Cambell plt &John Minor & Woodward Deft. the Defts Confess Judgment Unto the Plt for two pounds three