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July Court 1750 In the action of Trespass upon the Case between Thomas Lacy Jnr plt and William Fitzhugh Esq. & Francis Thornton Gent acting Exrs of the Last Will of Gibson Berryman decd defts on the Defts motion a Spcl imparl is granted them till the next Court. In the suit on petition between John Payton Gent plt & James Fernsly Deft Judgment is granted the plt for [189 lb?] of Tobo by note of hand & costs In the suit on petition between Owen Winkfield plt & Charles Jones Deft is Dismist The suit on petn between Andrew Johnson plt & John S Lacy Deft is Dismist In the suit on petition between John Raley plt & William Davis Deft Judgment is granted the plt for three pounds seven shillings 7 six pence by account & costs Ordered that John Raily pay Philip Sheridan forty nine pounds of Tobo for one days attendance as an Evidence for him against Davis & for coming and returning Eight miles once. In the action of trespass between Robert Massy Gent plt & Jacob Johnson Deft. for one hundred pounds Sterling damage by means of the Deft breaking & entering the close of the plt in the parish of St Pauls in this County as is set forth in the Decleration. It's ordered that the surveyor of this County go upon the Lands in Controversy on the second Wednesday in August next if fair, if not the next fair day & survey & lay out the Lands as either party would have it having regard to all patents and evidences as shall be produced by either of the parties & report all matters of fact specially to the next Court and the sheriff to attend the survey & to remove force if any offered & the surveyor is to return three fair platts & reports to the clerks office in due time before the day of hearing. Then the court adjourn till tomorrow morning 9 Oclock True Transcript Teste [Y?] Peyton cl cur At a court continued & held for Stafford County July 11th 1750 present Philip Alexander, Richard Foote John Payton & Gerard Fowler Gentlemen In the suit on petition between Thomas Rose plt & Nath Gray deft