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July court 1750 The Action in [Delinue?] between Joseph Combs plt and Henry Davison Deft abates by the Defts Death. The action of Trespass between Nathaniel Gray plt & Benjamin Duncomb Deft is continued. The Ejectione Firmae between Thomas Turf Lesee of Henry Tyler Gent plt and Henry Fitzhugh Gent Deft is continued at the plts Costs. The action of Trespass upon the Case between Robert Raddish plt and Joseph Combs Deft is Continued at the plts Costs. The action of Debt between Benjamin Strother & James Waugh Gent. Church Wardens of Overwharton Parish plt and Susanna Duke Deft. is dismist. In the suit in Chancery between Lamuel [Liloon?] Gent Complt & Diana Wheeler, George, James & Mary his wife and George James the Younger by Henry Tyler Gent his Guardian Defts. on the Compls motion a Decimus is ordered returnable to the next court. In the suit in Chancery between Michael Hall Complt and Grace Berry Deft time is given the complt till the next court to reply to the Defts answer. The suit in Chancery between John Graham Complt & Walter Lutwedge James Waugh John Wilson and James Johnson Defts abates by the Deft Waugh's Death. In the suit in Chancery between Thomas Sharpe plt & Nathaniel Gray & Elizabeth his wife Defts time is given the defts till the next court to answer the complts Bill. In the action of Debt between Richard Bernard Gent plt & Benoni Stratton Deft a Jury to wit Joseph Combs Seth Botts John Mawry Oeter Wigginton Charles Brent Michael Ryan Josiah Stone William Northcut Job Sims John Mary Junr Charles Harding & James Hansbrough were sworn to try the issue joined who brought in their verdict in these words We of the Jury find for the plt three thousand nine hundred & seventy four pounds of