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July Court 1750 [page] 63 Crop Tobacco damage one penny John Maury foreman which verdict at the plts motion is admitted to Record and is consideredley the Court that the plt recover of the said defendant the said three thousand nine hundred and seventy four pounds of Tobacco (crop) and four hundred & six pounds of transfer tobacco. Together with the one penny damage by the Jurors aforesaid in their verdict aforesaid assessed and his costs by him in this behalf expended. Rachael Fletcher late Rachael Sebastian produced and made oath to an account against the estate of her late Husband Isaac Sebastian which is allowed of and admitted to Record & the Tobo valued at [12/6?] cent. Ordered that Richard Bernard Gent pay Thomas Washington one hundred pounds of Tobacco for 4 days attendance as an evidence for him vs Stratton. The suit in chancery between Henry Fitzhugh Gent Complt & Samuel Hayward Esqr & Richard Foote Gent Deft is continued at the Complts Costs. The action or Trespass upon the Case between John Short plt and Richard Bernard Gent Deft is continued. The action of debt between Robert Maxwell & Coy plts & John [Ramy?] Deft is Dismist. In the action of Trespass upon the case between John Lewthwaite plt and Peter Hedgman Gent Deft on the Defts motion a Special Imparlance is granted him till the next court. The suit on petition between John Luthwaite plt and Mason French Deft is continued at the plts Costs. The suit on petition between John Lewthwaite plt & Daniel French Deft is continued at the plts costs. In the action of Debt between Philip Alexander Gent plt & William Allison Deft the Deft pleaded payment the plt Joined the Issue & the tryal is refered till the next Court.