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July Court 1750 [page] 65 In the action of Trespass between Richard Bernard Gent plt and John French Deft the deft refusing further to defend this Suit It's ordered that a Writ Issue for a Jury to enquire of the Damages. In the action of Trespass Assault and Battery between Mary Philips plt and Hayward Todd Deft the Deft for plea saith he is not guilty with leave to give the Special matters in Evidence the plt Joined the Issue and the Trial is refered till the next Court. In the Suit on the attachment obtained by Peter Wigginton against George Knight the said Peter produced a note of hand given by the said George to the said Peter for five hundred and sixty pounds of Tobacco. Whereupon It's considered by the Court that the said Peter recover the same of the said George and his costs by him in this behalf expended, And the Sheriff having made return that he had attached in the hands of George Walker who being [Sumoned?] on oath declared that he had in his hands the sum of Three pounds four Shillings and Sixpence It's ordered that the Sheriff sell the Same according to Law and satisfy the Said Peter his Judgment therewith. If there be Tobacco enough arising by such Sale to the next court. The petition of Robert Studdath against James Fletcher and Rachael his wife is Dismist. The Suit on the attachment obtained by William Stuart Clk against John Stacy is Dismist. In the action of Trespass upon the case between Thomas & Robert Dunlops plts and the Reverend Robert Rose Clk Deft on the Defts motion a further Imparlance is granted him till the next Court. Then the Court adjourned till Court in [Course?]. Philip Alexander True Transcript Test Nat. Peyton Clk Cur