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252} March Court, 1754.

Jane Williams an insolvent debtor in Execution at the suit of Daniel Hankins, gave into Court a schedule of her Estate, & took the Oath prescriber. Upon Petition of Rose Conner late Servant of James Crop its ordered that the sd. Crop pay her fifteen bushels of Indian Corn, & thirty Shillings in Money, or Goods, & Costs. Ordered that James Crop pay William Dunsford, three hundred & fifty pounds of Tobacco for Fourteen days attendance as an Evidence for her against -- Crop Ordered that Rose Conner pay Mary Stuart two hundred seventy & five pounds of Tobacco for eleven days Attendance as an Evidence for her against Crop. Ordered that Rose Conner pay Isbell Sudduth three hundred pounds of Tobo. for twelve days Attendance as an Evidence for her against Crop. In the Action of debt between Peter Ross Plt. and Jeremiah Carter deft. the deft. not appearing upon an Attachment ordered in this Suit it's considered by the Court that the Plt. recover of the said deft. two thousand & sixty pounds of crop Tobacco, & his Costs by him in this behalf expended. But this Judgment is to be discharged (the Costs excepted) on Payment of one thousand & thirty pounds of crop Tobacco with Interest thereon from the tenth day of November one thousand seven hundred & fifty till the same is paid, and the Sheriff having made