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312 } July Court, 1754.

were sworn to try the Issue joined who brought in their Verdict in these Words, "We of the Jury find for the Plt. six hundred & sixteen pounds of Tobo. damage Samuel Earle foreman" which Verdict at the Plt's Motion is admitted to record, & it's considered by the Court that the Plt. recover of the sd. deft. the sd. six hundred & sixteen pounds of Tobacco by the Jurors aforsd. in their Verdict aforsd. assessed, & his Costs him in this behalf expended.

Ordered that John Hamilton pay Elizabeth Kitchen ninety six pounds of Tobacco & one Shilling for three days attendance as an Evidence for him at suit of Leech, & for once coming & returning seven Miles, together with her Ferriages at Fredericksburgh coming & returning according to Law.

Ordered that John Leech pay George Pilcher three hundred & fifty pounds of Tobacco for fourteen days attendance as an Evidence for him against Hamilton. Absent } John Mercer, Mott Doniphan John Washington, Baily Washington {Gentlemen

In the Action of Trespass between Francis Dade Plt. & Robert Massey deft. for one hundred pounds sterling damage by means of the defts. breaking & entering the Close of the Plt. at the Parish of Saint Pauls in this County as is set forth in the Declaration, it's ordered on motion of the Plt. for a resurvey that the Surveyor of the sd. County in Company of an able Jury of Freeholders who are no ways concerned by affinity, consanguinity, or Interest or any other just exception to be summoned by the Sheriff & sworn before a Justice, go upon the Lands in controversy on the forth [fourth] Monday Instant if fair, if not the next fair day, & survey, & lay off the same as either Party would have it & as the sd. Jury shall think fit having regard to all Patents & Evidences as shall be produced by either of the Parties, & report all Matters of fact specially to the next Court, and the Sheriff is ordered to attend the survey to remove force if any offered; and the Surveyor is to return three fair Platts & reports to the Clerk's Office in due time before the day of hearing. And it's further ordered that the Surveyor of Westmoreland attend & survey for the Plt. if required) at the Plt's Costs.

Ordered that Richard Barnard Gentleman, pay Richard Foote one hundred pounds of Tobacco for four days attendance as an Evidence for him against Rose. Present, Mptt Doniphan, Jno. Washington, Baily Washington Absent, John Peyton, and Peter Daniel Gentn.