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{ 326 October Court 1754.

In the Ejectione firmæ between William Thrustout Plt. & Thomas Holdfast deft. for Lands & Appurtenances in the Parish of Overwharton in this County which Robert Brent demised to the Plt. for a Term &c. as is set forth in the declaration it appearing by the Return of the Sheriff that William Thomas, Tenant in Possession of the Premises hath been duly served with a Copy of the sd. declaration & Endorsment thereon & he not appearing it is ordered that unless he the sd. Tenant, or those under whom he claims (having legal notice of this Order) do appear at the next Court make him, her, or themselves deft. or defts. in this Cause, plead the General Issue; confess Lease, & Ouster, & do insist only on the Title at Title [sic] at Trial Judgment will be granted the Plt. & his Majesty's Writ of Habere facias possessionem awarded the Plt. to put him in Possession thereof.

In the suit on the Attachment obtained by Charles Wells against the Estate of Francis Broox the sd. Charles produced & made Oath to an Account against the sd. Francis for ten pounds. It's thereupon considered by the Court, that the sd. Charles recover the same of the sd. Francis & his Costs by him in this behalf expended. And the Constable having made return that he had attached one Cornfield to the Value of nine Barrels, one Oval Table, one Pot. & hooks, & four dozen & an half of Bottles, & sundry other Lumber, It's ordered that the Sheriff sell the same according to Law, & satisfy the above Judgment therewith if there be money enough arising by such sale to do the same & report to the next Court.

John Thomas on his Motion hath his Ordinary Licence renewed.

Elizabeth Waller agreed in Court to serve her Master William Davis one Year for sallivating her which agreement is approved of by the Court, & ordered to be certified.

Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9. oClock John Peyton.