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327 } October Court, 1754.

At a Court continued & held for Stafford County 10th October 1754.

Present { Mott Doniphan, John Peyton Peter Daniel & Gerard Fowke} Gentlemen

Ordered that the Sheriff agree with Workmen to mend the Prison.

In the Suit in Chancery between William Fitzhugh an Infant under the Age of twenty one Years by Charles Carter Esqr. his Guardian Compt. & Winifred Massey Adminsrx. &c. of Robert Massey deft. the deft. not appearing on Motion of the Comt. by his Attorney an Attachment is granted him against her returnable to the next Court.

The the Action of Trespass upon the Case between Robert Brown Plt. & John Adams deft, is dismist the Plt. failing to give Security for his Costs

In the suit in Chancery between Cadwaller Dade & [blank space] his Wife Compts. & William Fitzhugh Esqr. & Francis Thornton Gent. acting Execurs. of the last Will & Testament of Gilson Berryman decd. defts. the Defts. having filed their demurrer time is given Compts. till the next Court to consider thereof.

In the Action of Trespass upon the Case between Humphry Pope Plt. & Cain Withers deft. the deft. for Plea saith he is not guilty the Plt. joined the Issue & the Trial thereof is referred till the next Court.

In the Action of Trespass upon the Case between Thomas Douglass & Co Plt. & Adam Stephen deft. the deft. not appearing upon an Attachment ordered in this suit, It's considered by the Court that the Plt. recover of the sd. deft. the Sum of thirty five pounds four Shillings, & five pence half penny & their Costs by them in this behalf expended. And the Sheriff having returned the sd. Attachment executed on a pair of [Cart] Wheels. It's ordered that he sell the same according to Law & satisfy the above Judgment therewith if there be Money enough arising by such sale to do the same & report to the next Court. ~ =In the Action of debt between Moore Fantleroy Gent. Pet. & Humphry Pope deft. the deft. for plea saith he has paid the debt in the decla-