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359 } March Court, 1755

Gent. one of his Majestys Justices of this County for felony was led to the Bar in Custody of the Sheriff of the sd. County, & thereupon Mosely Battaley Gent. deputy Attorney of our Sovereign Lord the King brought into Court an Indictment against the sd. Joseph in these Words, Be it remembered that on the second day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & fifty five, Moseley Battaley Attorney of our Sovereign Lord now King in the County aforsd. especially appointed comes into Court, & gives the Court now here to understand, & be informed that one Joseph, a negro man Slave belonging to Gerard Fowke of the sd. County of Stafford Gent. did on, or about the sixteenth day of January in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & fifty five at the Parish of St. Pauls in the County of Stafford aforsd. with force & arms in the night of the sd. day feloniously steal, take & carry away out of a Cart belonging to Samuel Washington of the sd. County of Stafford Gent. one blue broad Cloth Coat to the value of twenty shillings sterling the Property of the sd. Samuel Washington & other Enormities the sd. negro man Joseph to him the sd. Samuel Washington then, & there did against the Peace of our Sovereign Lord the now King his Crown & Dignity. And thereupon the sd. Joseph was publickly arraigned, & for plea said that he is guilty of the felony in the sd. Indictment mentioned. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the sd. Joseph be hanged by the neck untill he is dead; And the Sheriff is ordered to make Execution of the sd. Joseph on Monday the fourteenth Instant between the hours of ten in the Morning & three in the afternoon of the same day, & the sd. Joseph is valued by the Court to fifty pounds current Money. Mott Doniphan

At a Court held for Stafford County [illegible] April 1755 ~

Present } Mott Doniphan, John Peyton, Peter Daniel John Stith, and John Washington { Gentlemen

Administration on the Estate of William Sebastian decd. is granted John Short, he having entered into bond with William Bernard Gent. his Security; Chandler Fowke, William Dye, John Fitzhugh & William Bunbury Appraisers. ~