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360. April Court, 1755,

Ordered that John Champe Esq. & Co. pay Thomas [Mashen?] one hundred & seventy pounds of Tobacco for two days attendance as an Evidence for them agst. Spinks, & for coming & returning twenty Miles twice. Absent Peter Daniel, Gent.

Administration on the Estate of Merrimond Tiller decd. is granted Peter Daniel Gent. having entered into Bond with John Short his Security, Rawleigh Chinn, Thomas Monroe, Thomas Hay and William Jordan, Appraisers. Present Peter Daniel, Gent.

Ordered that Francis McCarty pay William Nailor, one hundred pounds of Tobacco for one days attendance to prove the Will of Cornelius McCarty decd. & for coming & returning twenty five Miles ~

Upon the Petition of Henry Bussey he is set Levy free for the future.

Ordered that Abraham Bredwell pay Seth Botts one hundred & fifty pounds of Tobacco for six days attendance as an Evidence for him against OCain.

Ordered that Thomas Hornbuckle pay William Burton one hundred and fifty pounds of Tobacco for six days attendence as an Evidence for him againt.. Grigsby

Ordered that Jane English serve her Mistress Catharine Overall according to Law for having a bastard Child.

Then the Court adjuorned till tomorrow morning 9.OClock Mott Doniphan

At a Court continued and held for Stafford County 9th of April 1755.

Present { Mott Doniphan, John Peyton, Henry Fitzhugh Thomas Fitzhugh, & John Stith } Gentlemen

The Suit on Petition between Andrew Grant, Plt. & John Holland deft. is dismist the deft. paying Costs ~ Absent John Peyton gent.

In the Suit on Petition between John Peyton Gent. Plt. & Robert Edwards deft. Judgment is granted the Plt. for two pounds seventeen Shillings & ten pence & Costs.

The suit on Petition bertwen John Peyton Gent. Plt. & James McDaniel deft.