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{ 269. May Court 1754.

In the Action of debt between Charles Stuart & Co. Plt. & William Howard Charles Wells, & Benjamin Robinson defts. the defts. came into Court & confessed Judgmt. to the Plts. for forty two pounds eighteen Shillings & eight pence, its thereupon considered by the Court that the Plts. recover the same of the sd. defts. & their Costs by them in this behalf expended but this Judgment is to be discharged (the Costs excepted) on payment of twenty one pounds eighteen Shillings & eight pence with Interest thereon from the thirteenth day of March one thousand seven hundred & fifty three till the same is paid.

Then the Court adjourned till Court in Course Mott Doniphan True Transcript Test Val. Peyton Clk Cur.

At a Court held for Stafford County May 14th, 1754.

Present } Mott Doniphan, John Peyton, Peter Daniel Henry Fitzhugh, & John Stuart { Gentlemen

Administration on the Estate of Robert Massey decd. is granted Winifred Massey she having entered into Bond with William Fitzhugh & John Washington Gent. Securities, Cadr. Dade, Robert Yates, Robert Washington, John Short, Appraisers

In the Suit on Petition between Thomas & Robert Dunlops Plts. & John Cubbage deft. the deft. confessed Judgment to the Plts. for one pound thirteen Shillings & ten pence, it's thereupon considered by the Court that the Plts. recover the Same against him with Costs & a Lawyers Fee.

John Peyton & Peter Daniel Gent. are desired to take a List of the Tithables in the upper Parish, & John Stuart Gent. in the lower Parish for the ensuing year.

The Grand jury for the Body of this County being sworn received their Charge & retired, & returning into Court with their Presentments ordered that the Offenders be summoned.

Administration on the Estate of Henry Dade is granted Howson Hooe having entered into bond with Howson Hooe Senr. & Richard Hewett his Securities, Thomas Massey, John Washington, Laurance Washington, & William Rogers Appraisers.'

Thomas Garner who was bound over to this Grand jury Court appeared & the Evidences against him being heard the sd. Garner is discharged.

In the Action of trespass upon the Case between Andrew Cochrane & Co. Plt. & John Grigsby deft. the deft. came into Court & confessed Judgment to the Plt. for fourteen Pounds ten Shillings its thereupon considered by the Court that the