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304 July Court 1754. and John Peyton, Peter Daniel, Thomas Fitzhugh John Stuart, John Sith John Washington, & Baily Washington Gent. who subscribed the Test & abjuration Oath. Present the above Justices. ~ =Thomas Fitzhugh, John Stuart, & John Stith Gent. are ordered to be recommended to his Honor the Governor, for his Honor to make Choice of a Sheriff for the ensuring year Francis Thornton, & William Fitzhugh Gent.refusing to swear in the Commission of the Peace is ordered to be certified. =In the Action of debt between Archibald Mc.Pherson James Allen, & William & James Hunters Esqr. Exec. of the last Will & Testament of John Allen decd. Pet. & Adam Stephen, & Charles Dick defts. the Issue to be tried by a Jury is waved, & the deft. confessed Judgment to the Pets for eighty six pounds, it's there upon considered by the Court that the Pets. recover the same of the sd. defts. & their Costs by them in this behalf expended. But this Judgment is to be discharged (the Costs excepted) on payment of forty three pounds with Interest thereon from the first day of April one thousand seven hundred & fifty one till the same is paid, & the Pets. agree to stay Execution till September Court next. =In the Action of debt between John Clark Pet. & Darby Ocain deft. a Jury to wit. William Wright, Rice Hooe, William Foote, Richard Foote, Humphry Gaines, Robert Washington, Carty Wells, John Waller, John Fitzhugh Robert Yates, & James Kenny were sworn to try the Issue joined, who brought in their Verdict in these Words, "We of the Jury find for the Pet. the within five pounds seven shillings & six pence, Rice Hooe foreman." which Verdict at the Pet's Motion is admitted to record, & its considered by the Court that the Pet. recover of the sd. deft. the sd. five pounds seven shillings & six pence by the Jurors aforsd. in their Verdict aforsd. & his Costs by him in this behalf expended, & the deft. moved for a new Trial which is granted him paying Costs. In the suit on Petition between Alexander Brown Pet. & Thomas Bunbury Admin. of all singular the Goods & Chattles, Rights, & Credits of William Worly decd. deft. Judgment is granted the Pet. for two pounds eleven shillings & ten pence of the Goods & Chattles of the sd. Interstate in the hands of the sd. deft. if so much he hath in his hands, & if he hath not so much in his hands then