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Porters Exors. summd [summoned] 529 Potes vs Scrannage 531 Pilcher vs Edwards ib [ibid] Porter exam'd 532 Pilcher vs Edwards 544 Payne vs Throop 545 Pilcher vs Beach ib Peyton vs Brent 547 Posey vs Taylor ib Same pay White att [attendance] wit [witness] ib Peytons Ordy [Ordinary] Licence rend [renewed] 553 Pilcher vs Beech 556 Same vs Groves ib Payne vs Troop ib Patton exp't [exempt] tax negro 567 Pearson vs Critchet 570 Peters vs Foushee ib Perry vs Walford 571 Peyton pay Brent 572 Same pay Bell ib Payne vs Foushee 574 Peyton Agree for work on Ct house 577 Peters vs Foushee [illegible] ib Pollards Exr. sumd. 579 _______will proved 587 Poor of the County bound ib Pattesons admors quald 589 ________ apprs. [appraisers] appd ib Pritchard granted [injn?] ads Walter 591 Primm to Morson Dd. [Deed] 594

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Pollards apprs [appraisers] appd 595 Pollards will proved 596