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46 R Page

Rowley & Uxr. to [Hewit?] Deed 109 Ralls Chas Guardn &c vs Achsa Ralls 111 Remy vs Bradley 116 do vs do [ditto] 116 Ross vs Walsh ib Read vs Read ib Road from Brents Mill to Acquia opd [opened] 124 Ross Wm. appd overseer road from Acck to Church ib Ralls Charles's Guardian Bond 125 Ratcliff Johns Admrs bond 128 Ralls Achsa admr Bond 153 Remy vs Bradley 168 Same vs Bradly [sic] & Byram 169 Ross vs Walsh ib Rose vs several ib Ralls vs Ralls ib Ross vs Edwards 170 Robinsons adm vs Browns Exr ib Read vs Read 171 Robinson Wm. appd Constable 172 Road Jas. Lane viewed 173 Ralls Chas summoned 172 [Rigil?] Lewis bound ib Ralls Chas. gives secy [security] as Exr. 175 Raper Ann bound out 179 Reddish Ordy [Ordinary] Licence rend [renewed] 180 Ralls Chas summoned 181 Ralls Exr returns Est. accts 182 Ralls Exr vs Several 183 Rowleys Exrs vs Tyler 186 do vs Baxter & Sims ib Ralls vs Fristoe and Young ib Rose vs do 187 Remy vs Bradly 234 Road hands of regulated 239


Ralls Edwd's excuse from attendance as Juror 191 Ralls Charles summoned ib Ralls Achsa pay several for attend [attendance] as wit [witness] 192 Road Hope viewed 195 ____'s hands regulated 198 Ralls [illegible] Guardn. appd 199 Road Austens run to Acquia regulated 200 Rose vs Jones 202 Routt et Uxr. to James Lease 203 Remy vs Bradly 206 Ross vs Walsh 208 Rose vs Cumberford ib Read vs Read ib Rowleys Exrs. vs Payne 209 Rawls vs Rawls 210 Reddish vs Harrison 213 Roads hands of regulated 218 Road viewed ib Ralls Exrs vs Several 226 Do ib Robertsons Exrs. vs Strother 231 Rose vs Exrs of Brent 232 Ross and Gibson vs Edwards ib Rose vs Peytons adx 233 Rose vs Ralls Exrs 234 Road between Hughes & James viewed 240 Do from James and hands regulated ib Road turned near Thorntons 242 Richards will proved 244 _______ Exr qualify'd ib Richards to Nichols Deed ib Road from Pettits viewed 248