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The Deposition of Thomas Forster aged about two and twenty years, [Deposeth?] faith That himself and others in number about one hundred and twenty six persons, housing had [illegible] [illegible] of his most Gracious Majestys mercy and Clemsney, with on or about [illegible] twenty ninth of June last past put on board [illegible] Elizabeth and Anne of Livorpoole Edward [Stratford?] Commander in order to [illegible] transported to this Colony of Virginia that after they [illegible] [ illegible] on board [illegible] [illegible] they were always confined and under a Guard to [illegible] their [illegible] [illegible] Shoar and that [illegible] [illegible] during their stay at Livorpoole after their [Imbarkation?} was [illegible] to come on board [illegible] to ship without [illegible] order from [illegible] Master or Merchants [illegible] and this [deponent?] further said that after they [illegible] [illegible] to with [illegible] first or second day of July, the [illegible] ship them lying of Livorpoole one Daniole [Fergharfou?] was in [illegible] day [illegible] carry on Shoar in the ships boat by order but by whose order he cannot tell that about a week after and before the said ship sailed from Livorpoole fore [illegible] Rob:s Read was carryed on shoar in [illegible] [illegible] and that on or about the thirteenth day of [illegible] said month Walter [Tankred?] George Rutherford and John J Cunter were [illegible] sent on shoar in [illegible] ships boat, and on [illegible] day following Rob: t Johnfou and John Carr were sent on shoar in [illegible] [illegible]. That on [illegible] is the day of [illegible] mouth the said ships weighed anchor and saile from Liverpoole to [illegible] black Rock where they Anchord that night, and that Doctor Nicholas Montgomery, Docter John Rutherford, and James Augston were that night carry'd on shoar he believes by [illegible] ships boat and men housing often heard the [illegible] of [illegible] ship [illegible] of their ingratitude and say [illegible] they gave him [illegible] for putting them on shoar and this [illegible] further faith that on [illegible] sixteenth day of July [illegible] said to said [illegible] weighed anchor and set sail for Cork in [illegible]and that ibn the passage thirteen this [illegible] had fevered times Communication with [illegible] [illegible] concerning his being put on shoar for fifty [illegible] but this [illegible] [illegible] unwilling to give [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] having before [illegible] said ship sailed from Liverpoole paid fifteen [pounds?] for his [illegible] offered [illegible] illegible] fifteen [illegible] more to set him [illegible] [illegible] on here as a [illegible] but